Seattle-based, small-batch bakery

Specializing in bagels and Chinese baked buns


Our Bagels

Our bagels take inspiration from the East Coast without compromising our Pacific Northwest values. We source our flour from local growers. We shape and form our bagels by hand.  Like traditional New York bagels, we boil them prior to baking - creating the bagels' characteristic chewiness.  In keeping with our PNW spirit, we use a whole grain sourdough to give our bagels a more complex flavor, a little more nutrition, and a longer shelf life.  Our aim is to create a bagel that has the best of both coasts: a light, fluffy interior with a thin, chewy crust.  

We currently offer plain, salt, everything, roasted garlic, and salted blueberry bagels.  


Our Baos

Our baos are a combination of our Chinese culture and love for bread baking.  Growing up, dim sum and baked char siu baos were synonymous with family gatherings and good company.

To make our baos, we draw upon long fermentation times to produce a pillowy, soft bun with just enough sweetness.  We fill each bao by hand and seed each bun to denote each bun's filling.  While our signature flavor is the traditional char siu (Chinese BBQ pork), we have created a vegetarian version for our non-pork-eating patrons.  We also offer weekly specials with seasonal flavors.